Because she’s perfect

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: Looking for a co-owner?

i forgot about this blog omfg, hehehe if you know someone who’d like to join, sure.

posted 2 years ago

things I love about Chachi, she’s fashionable

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: i love her because she's so young, yet she's not letting the fame go to her head.
posted 2 years ago

Chachi is AH-MAZING.

I never wouldn’t have started dancing if it wasn’t because of her. It just made me open my eyes that why waste the talent we have? Why aren’t we doing anything to catch our dreams? 

Well yeah,that’s kinda the whole reason why i loveee Chachi.


She’s so Pefect. She’s so humble. She’s kid at heart. MY INSPIRATION! :)

posted 2 years ago